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International Coaching Week 2021


In conjunction with International Coaching Week 2021 and help teachers and trainers become more familiar with how coaching can help you and your learners get better results both inside and outside the classroom we are offering you this open webinar entitled

International coaching week

‘OPENING WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY’. Tuesday, May 18, 2021 07:00PM T

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Members of the Colegio who sign up for this webinar will have access to exclusive video and pdf material. When you book your place you will see an option ‘How did you find out about the webinar?’ Click on the option ‘Colegio de Doctores y Licenciados, Madrid’ to get your video and pdf access.

Los colegiados que se inscriban en este webinar tendrán acceso a material exclusivo de video y pdf. Cuando reserves tu plaza, verás la opción ‘How did you find out about the webinar?’ Haz clic en la opción ‘Colegio de Doctores y Licenciados, Madrid’ para obtener tu acceso a materiales exclusivos.